I love to create sensual, sexy and feminine portraits. With the use of natural light and shadows, I highlight your beautiful curves and create artistic photographs, which will keep your imagination run wild.

During the session I will guide you through posing and make you feel amazing, so you will be relaxed in no time and have fun!


You might gift the album to your spouse, but it is all about you. The boudoir is more than a photo session, it is the experience, celebrating and embracing your feminity and beauty.

Whether you are starting your self-love journey or are exactly where you want to be at this time in your life you deserve to feel beautiful and empowered. It is time to be fearless.

Do you know that feeling when you get glammed up, dust your killer heels, put on fancy lingerie, your favourite lipstick and you tell yourself¬† “Oh girl, you look amazing”! Let’s bring this to another level – get pampered and have a beautiful piece of art as an everyday reminder of how amazing, beautiful woman you are!


Clicking the “SEND” button is the hardest part.
Even though there is no reason for it, it is absolutely natural to feel nervous in the beginning. I will guide you through posing and you will feel relaxed in no time.

As boudoir and wedding photographer I believe the most important part of my “job” is to build trust and relationship between the two of us. I do not mean hanging out after the session, but I want you to feel comfortable with me even before we meet.

Whether it is an email or in person meeting I want to know your personality and style to capture you in the most natural way. This is an opportunity for you to ask me questions, and when you are ready, book your session!



Your session comes to the end, you feel amazing and can not wait to see all the photos! You might ask what is next?

After the session, I edit the photos and prepare the preview gallery for you. In a couple days we schedule an in-person meeting and you will pick your favourite photos and products which suit your needs, wants and budget.

I know having too many options might sometimes be overwhelming, so I curated a collection of in-house designed and Canadian made products. Whether you want a personal album or showcase your photos in beautiful wall art, I have the perfect piece of art for you.

All sessions are custom quote based on the products chosen.
Investment starts at $850.


Get in touch for your boudoir experience.